Pat Cranor
Fine Art designs

From the time of ancient civilizations to modern day man
the symbols of four elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) 
represent the different aspects of nature existing in the world.
 California Artist Pat Cranor's paintings are inspired by these four elements.


An element usually situated at the center of our existence. In its nature it is at rest, and because of its inherent weight, all other elements gravitate toward it, however far away they may be.


Positioned in nature above both water and earth, but beneath fire. Its purpose in nature is to make things finer, lighter, and more delicate.


A simple substance whose position in nature is exterior to the sphere of the earth and interior to that of air. Water is, of course, absolutely essential to life.


Also a simple substance, situated higher than the other three elements. Its role in nature is to rarefy, refine, and intermingle things. It creates and maintains harmony among the elements.

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